The most successful event is the one
that achieves your goals and
exceeds your expectations
Whether you’re looking to host an event to raise brand awareness, improve company culture, or simply entertain staff members, leave it to the professionals. We are experts in creating memorable moments and delivering unique experiences. Organizing Unforgettable Events An exquisite event isn't perfect unless the food is up to the highest standards. From international cuisine to oriental delicacies, we ensure that the food on your event's table is fresh, delicious, mouthwatering, and matches the overall theme of your party! Bringing Only the Finest to your Table Is your upcoming event located on the moon's surface? No worries! Our team will host your event wherever its location from A to Z with our full offsite mobile equipment, to the point where you'll feel like a guest at your own event! Hosting your Event Wherever you Are!

Who are we?

Since even the smallest detail matters, at Eventti, we offer you flawless events delivered with passion!

We play both event planning and event management company roles by providing fully-integrated event management services customized to suit all types of any businesses’ marketing, advertising, and branding events.

We use our deep knowledge and experience in event management and our long list of connections to promote your event, draw in crowds, and increase public exposure. Our experts anticipate your requirements to pro-actively turn around your thoughts into successful events, delivering a dedicated and tailored service.

Our Approach:

Our event management approach is being a real business partner who is all about getting to know your business, understanding your objectives, planning, and managing an event that will help you achieve your overall business objectives.

Our Edge:

“Feel like a guest at your own event” is our unique edge. Imagine an event where you can be at ease and enjoying the vibes like the rest of the invitees, but in fact, you’re the owner!
We manage your events from A to Z with non-stop continuous serving, even if it extends to more than a week, a month, or even a whole year!

Our Team:

Our staff is proficient in connecting the dots in your event plan to optimize your event plan’s effectiveness and limit the unfortunate incidents that may wreck your event’s professional ambiance.

Our Services

Location Scouting
Hotel & Venue Contract Negotiation
Event Marketing
Post-Event Evaluation
Tender Management
Attendee Registration Management
Attendee Reporting
Event Management Consulting
Full Catering Services
Location Scouting
Housekeeping Services
Onsite Management
Mobile Management
24 Hours Onsite Support


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